Technology in the workplace has been nothing short of a continuous change. With the disruption to the meetings and collaboration world we’ve seen over the last 18 months, the only constant is change.

Organisations have tactically spun up and transitioned as many services and users to online as they could in such a short period, and potentially leaving behind thoughts on the future of the workplace and tools that lie within to bring people together – what does this mean for the hardware you’ve invested in to make this all possible in the office?

How long do you sweat your meetings and collaboration hardware before the degradation of user experience occurs? Would you have the capital expenditure to fit out all room types, sizes and locations? Or does an organisation go without the newest innovations we’ve seen in this disruption? 

CaaS uncovers greater workplace potential

The flexibility of CaaS allows you to introduce industry innovations and the greatest technologies to your workplace as and when you need to. That’s the sort of benchmark users expect now that a they are returning to the office or do go into the office every other day. Spending those extra hours, a week commuting should be worthwhile and the time should be made up from great experience with the tools you provide.

The subscription model we offer allows you to make shorter term commitments to the technology in your spaces so that you can keep up with the continuous change. If you discover that your workforce changes the way they use spaces are 12 months, Collaboration as a Service gives you the flexibility to adapt and change. With the support of our experts we can revisit the use case and you can make the most of our trade in service to make the upgrades to suit your needs.

We will continuously work with you to ensure you are always in the know.

Having a strategy to technology standards and the power to efficiently manage the lifecycle brings a host of benefits such as:

  • Productivity
  • Better experiences
  • Predictable budgeting

Organisations often intend to make longer technology related commitments to communication platforms or a particular hardware manufacturer when choosing CAPEX budget.

 The rate of change that’s taking place today,  organisations welcome shorter refresh cycles that’s preserves CAPEX for other business needs, lower IT overheads and delivering users the best experiences.

Fit for all spaces and needs

The subscription caters for all types of meeting spaces small and large, shared spaces, auditoriums and personal devices. At AVI-SPL we recognise the investment businesses make when choosing technology and why its so important to ensure the right decision is made. CaaS provides flexibility on room standards and the volumes needed nowadays.

The offering also spans across to other elements when constructing workplace solutions such as design and consultation, installation, and operational support which is of equal importance to the selection of technology. Managed services, support and maintenance may all be bundled together so that there’s a single fee that takes care of everything and anything UC&C within your business.

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