Commercial displays continue to evolve and showcase improved features and capabilities. Review “The Latest LG Display Solutions for Corporate and Higher Ed Applications” and you’ll see some examples of these features, which can benefit a wide array of applications that captivate audiences.

During this AVI-SPL webinar, Jay Park, senior sales engineer for LG, looks at LG commercial displays in different locations. He also examines the technology that makes LG displays a strong choice for your application, whether it’s in the corporate or higher education space — or any other environment you might have, including retail, museums, and restaurants.

Discover LG Digital Displays for Commercial Applications

Jay delivers an engaging, highly visual presentation. Along the way, he covers LG solutions like its:

  1. 130” all-in-one DVLED monitor
  2. Curved OLED display, Transparent OLED, Stretch display
  3. OLED wallpaper
  4. Slimmest 0.44 mm even bezel LCD video wall
  5. Cableless fine-pitch DVLED wall

These are digital display solutions that can be used for sharing information in high-traffic areas like lobbies, common areas, reception desks, and parking lots. Jay shows many images of LG displays and eye-catching video walls in environments like airport terminals, subway windows, and banquet halls. Along the way, you’ll see examples of transparent LED film, and a fully enclosed, slim outdoor LCD.

You’ll also get a look at the technology that keeps LG outdoor displays cool while providing a clear viewing experience from different angles. Jay devotes a section of this webinar to in-plane switching (IPS). You’ll see why IPS provides highly accurate color reproduction and has a fast liquid crystal recovery time. Plus, you’ll see many images of LG commercial displays with IPS technology. You’ll see them in various sizes, orientations, and environments.

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Discover the LG commercial displays that can deliver high value to your organisation.