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Mission: Turn Guests Into Customers

When it began in 1885, the Johnson Electric Service Company introduced a control system that would regulate temperatures in buildings and homes. In the nearly 130 years since Johnson Controls Inc. has continued to dedicate itself to developing and integrating technologies that make buildings energy efficient.

For its Technology Experience Center in its worldwide headquarters in downtown Milwaukee, the company wanted to create an interactive experience that would convert guests into customers by showing them the full value of its solutions.

“I have a great level of respect and admiration for AVI-SPL’s on-site team. They really took the time to listen to us and understand how the functionality needed to work.”
– Sherrie Williams, director of executive visit centers, Johnson Controls

“We tried to create an environment where people can come in and collabourate,” says Sherrie Williams, director of executive visit centers for Johnson Controls.

The technology that would guide those potential clients through demonstrations of Johnson Controls’ HVAC, automation, and security solutions would not only have to be engaging for guests but easy to manage, easy to control, and customize for the staff.

“We needed to understand the different ways the center would be used, whether for one customer or multiple customers,” says Williams. “We had to think through everything ahead of time instead of redesigning on the back end.”

Action: A Great Partnership

Throughout the touring area, AVI-SPL implemented solutions such as AMX system control technology and Panasonic projectors to automate processes and empower staff while creating an interactive experience.

That interactivity extends from the six-display Global Welcome Wall to the Showcase, a spacious area that invites guests to learn about Johnson Controls’ solution through touch-screens.

At the Global Welcome Wall, guests view a video story that has been loaded especially for them. So that visitors hear only the audio that accompanies the video story, AVI-SPL’s team installed custom speakers the width of each display directly above the listening areas.

Along the way, three paperless briefing centers empower guests to take self-guided tours, and an Orientation Theater screens a five-minute video that introduces guests to Johnson Controls’ expertise.  Rather than project the video on a traditional screen, AVI-SPL placed reflective paint over a recess in the wall, creating a display area that improves screen gain and allows the colors to stand out.

“One of the great things about this project was the partnership between AVI-SPL and Johnson Controls — from the design implementation to the integration of all the individual systems to the ability to support the systems,” says Stanton.

Impact: Empowerment Through Interactivity

Through the collaboration, Johnson Controls now has the capability to wow guests and secure building automation projects. Users are in control of guiding their tour, one tailored to demonstrating solutions that improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their operations.

“It’s about getting stronger relationships with our customers, and having them touch and feel the technology and understand how we can impact their businesses,” says Williams.

The Showcase welcomes visitors with a touch-sensitive vertical display that tells the Building Efficiency story. From there, three touch tables allow users to explore themes of Leadership, Day in the Life, and Lifecycle. A control system handles the lighting at the tables, and guests can see what the most popular topic is via the projector.

“Our technology tables enable conversations,” says Williams.

Guests can also get information from topic kiosks and interactive wall displays that share product information and Johnson Controls’ experience in solutions related to energy and renewables through video, pdfs and images.

“Once you’re in front of the interactive tables and kiosks, the technology kind of goes away, and you’re on your own self-discovery,” says Stanton.

Since its opening earlier this year, the tour center has welcomed hundreds of guests.

“The reaction has been amazing,” says Williams. “They ask, ‘Who are your partners?’ I always look at AVI-SPL as a partner, not just a vendor.”

Through this collabourative effort, Williams can control every device and display customized content from her iPad. Understanding her vision and addressing Johnson Controls’ needs were key to the project’s success.

“I have a great level of respect and admiration for AVI-SPL’s on-site team,” says Williams. “They really took the time to listen to us and understand how the functionality needed to work.”

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