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Make hybrid work a more natural, inclusive, and engaging experience for everyone


With Crestron Intelligent Video, a better hybrid experience for everyone is in sight.

All participants, both in-room and remote, need collaborative and productive meetings. Crestron’s solution for high impact spaces is a unique combination of intelligent video, audio, and control that delivers a more immersive and inclusive hybrid meeting experience. As a one-of-a-kind experience, Crestron collaboration solutions enable participants to focus on the purpose of hybrid meetings, instead of the technology.

Meeting room with people using Crestron Sightline

The technology behind the experience.


Every piece of Crestron technology has been selected to deliver true meeting equity, easily and automatically. The Crestron 1 Beyond intelligent video cameras offer single, dual, and multi-camera options and features Speaker Tracking, Presenter Tracking, Group Framing, and Dynamic Composition.

Learn more about how Crestron intelligent video makes hybrid collaboration more natural, engaging, and equitable in a 10-minute podcast with Lauren Simmen, Director of Product Marketing at Crestron.  

Crestron intelligent video provides intuitive and focused

solutions for all participants.

  • Begin your meeting with one touch bringing all of Crestron’s Sightline room technology to life — automatically.
  • Multiple in-room displays give remote participants greater visibility, while simultaneously seeing all the content shared in the meeting.
  • Move about freely knowing that intelligent voice-activated cameras are automatically tracking the conversation as you move.
  • Automate™ VX multi camera switching technology utilizes AI to track the conversation from speaker to speaker so it’s easier for remote participants to engage in the conversation.
  • Optical zoom cameras capture every expression and gesture even from 60ft. away
  • Customized scenes and the ability to place up to 12 cameras mean remote participants will always have the best view for any type of meeting.
Team meeting in Crestron conference room



AVI-SPL and Crestron work together to transform ideas into great customer experiences. Crestron’s award-winning solutions are integral to the daily operations of nearly every Fortune 500 company, hundreds of universities, hotels, healthcare facilities, and government agencies.

Shaped by more than four decades of innovation, Crestron solutions help companies maximise return on investment, improve communications and productivity, standardise technology, and redefine guest experiences.

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