Digital workplace collaboration and meeting solutions

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AVI-SPL leverages our years of experience, works to understand your goals, and monitors changing needs in the current business environment to deliver collaboration solutions tailored to your needs. We understand how the workplace is more than your brick and mortar office.

Our goal is to help you deliver digital workplace collaboration and meeting solutions that connect physical work areas, virtual collaboration spaces, and remote workforces.

Five Ss design strategy


AVI-SPL teams follow our “Five Ss” strategy when designing flexible solutions, ensuring they are simple, standardized, scalable, serviceable and secure.

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Remove complex barriers to using and benefiting from capabilities.

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Apply standards and best practices so the experience is simple for the end user and IT support.

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Choose solutions that are easily repeatable from office to office.

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Spaces that are easy to use should also be easy to support.

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Safeguard devices, the network, application interfaces, and shared sensitive information.

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Group Collaboration

Meeting solutions

Explore meeting solutions that deliver video conferencing, content sharing with annotation, and chat functionality to keep your on-site and remote teams connected.

Featured partners

Learn about solutions from our featured partners:

Specialized solutions

Digital signage and video walls

Impactful digital displays for employee and customer communications.

Video production and broadcast

Creative, production, and virtual event services, ReadyCam all-in-one studio, and transmission services.

Experience environments

Briefing centers, experience centers, innovation centers, and demonstration facilities

Visualization and simulation

Advanced data visualisation, immersive collaboration spaces, and healthcare simulation training solutions.