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Offices are in a state of flux; they require cutting-edge technology to cater efficiently to an ever-evolving workforce. With workers now collaborating remotely and beyond, office tech must be upscaled and flexible enough for dynamic working styles.

By having Neat devices in your workspaces, you will be able to facilitate an inclusive and productive meeting experience for all of your users.

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Neat devices address all types of meeting spaces throughout today’s ever-evolving modern workplaces. That includes open plan areas, physical meeting rooms, social zones, home offices and more. They are purpose-designed for Microsoft Teams and Zoom, enabling higher efficiency, well-being and social interaction to maximize the creativity, productivity and culture of your distributed teams.

Neat Bar

Neat Bar

Neat Bar is a simple, compact, elegant meeting room device that easily mimics real-life interactions and delivers superior-quality audio and video. It works brilliantly for meeting, huddle or focus spaces for up to ten people with one or two monitors and pairs with Neat Pad.

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Neat Bar Pro

Neat Bar Pro drives up to three large monitors to give you the ultimate immersive meeting experience by allowing you to simultaneously see people and content more easily. It incorporates two extreme resolution cameras and an advanced image depth sensor that combined deliver 16x zoom.

Neat Bar Pro

Neat Board

Comprising a 65” multi-touch screen, a powerful audio system and a versatile wide-angle camera, Neat Board gives you a collaboration experience beyond video meetings and wireless content sharing by enabling annotations and whiteboarding. Neat Board works great for ad-hoc social interactions throughout open social spaces.

Neat Board 50

Neat Board 50

Neat Board 50 is a sleek yet powerful device designed for greater flexibility throughout your office spaces, adapting to how you need to meet or express your ideas.

Its 50-inch touchscreen empowers you to move, interact, create and collaborate efficiently, all within easy reach. Paired with an adaptive stand or wall mount, Neat Board 50 allows anyone to adjust the screen up or down for optimal use and viewing.

Neat Pulse

Support, management, and extended warranty for all your Neat devices.

Neat Pulse

Neat Pulse is a full-service offering that lets you choose what to run on your Neat devices. It gives complete control of them, with premium support for peace of mind.

Complementing Microsoft Teams admin center (TAC) or Zoom Device Management (ZDM) by empowering you with unique, Neat-specific features, Neat Pulse enables you to configure, maintain and update your devices from anywhere.


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Modernise and simplify your workplace with Neat and enjoy elevated meeting equity, flexibility and control.

Take a tour and see how Neat devices can enable hybrid work for all types of workspaces for your offices.

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