AVI-SPL NEC Video Wall Kit Use Case

nec video wall in corporate office

Video walls in lobbies and social spaces can ensure your message are seen. You’ll keep your audience engaged with stunning graphics and videos. What better way to communicate health and safety messages to your teams as they return to the office? And, you can get started quickly with video wall kits.

There are other ways to leverage the power of video walls too. Our use case shows how AVI-SPL uses our NEC Direct-View FA Series video wall. We share messages with staff and visitors in our Global Service Operations Center. The video wall also attracts attention and  engages employees and guests during trainings and social functions.

“Once the wall is prepped and ready to go, the NEC LED

video wall kit installation can take under two days.”

– Mark Julien, Product Manager, NEC

The AVI-SPL team is ready to help you install your video wall quickly with NEC Direct-View FA Series kits. Kits are also a viable option to replace legacy LCD displays with today’s LED technology.

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Read the use case, then contact us to get started on your video wall.