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You’ve got dispersed teams working from home, in the office, on the go. Jabra has developed the technology, the expertise and the built-in support you need to make hybrid working work for everyone.

Staying connected has never been easier with intelligent, industry-leading audio and video solutions from Jabra to boost collaboration no matter where you or your team is.

Jabra Hybrid Devices

Jabra PanaCast Series

Video conferencing. Reinvented.

As we all embrace a more hybrid-working future, it’s time to rethink meetings. The PanaCast Series is engineered to make intelligent, high-quality video conferencing accessible for every single worker, whether in the office or at home.


Jabra PanaCast 50

Jabra PanaCast 50 is an advanced meeting room solution with outstanding high-quality 180° Panoramic-4K video technology, world-leading professional-grade audio, and a range of intelligence-driven features including Intelligent Zoom, Virtual Director, live whiteboard content camera streaming, and Safety Capacity and Room Usage Insights, PanaCast 50 keeps remote teams connected.

Jabra PanaCast

Jabra PanaCast

Jabra PanaCast delivers full 180° view in a compact portable design which is ideal for huddle rooms, shared working spaces, and classrooms. PanaCast offers a range of intelligent features, including Intelligent Zoom and whiteboard sharing via the Jabra Whiteboard app, for an incredible virtual collaboration experience. Pair with the Jabra Speak 750 for exceptional audio.

Jabra PanaCast 20 Evolve 65

Jabra PanaCast 20

Jabra PanaCast 20 is an outstanding AI-enabled personal video conferencing device, with intelligent capabilities like Picture inPicture mode. With premium AI-powered 4K Ultra-HD video quality, PanaCast 20 takes video collaboration beyond the office walls to include home and on-the-go use. Pair with industry-leading Jabra headsets (e.g EVOLVE2 85) or speakerphones for a premium audio experience.

PanaCast 50 Video Bar System [NEW]

Tap into the Android market with the award winning all-in-one video bar.

Jabra P50 VBS

Android-based all-in-one room system with a premium PanaCast Control touchscreen tablet

Need a streamlined meeting solution that keeps everyone engaged from the word go? The Microsoft Teams Room and Zoom Rooms-certified PanaCast 50 Video Bar System (VBS) has got you covered. Literally. A state-of-the-art Android™ processor powers award-winning features including unique 180° full room coverage and world-leading Jabra professional audio, for future-ready, no-PC-needed instant collaboration your teams can access with a single tap of its PanaCast Control touchscreen tablet.

PanaCast 50 Room System

Preloaded with either Microsoft Teams Rooms or Zoom Rooms.

Jabra Panacast 50 Room System

A complete, certified room collaboration solution

The purpose-built, modular room kit includes the Jabra PanaCast 50 and Lenovo ThinkSmart Core Kit. The PanaCast 50 is a 180-degree Panoramic-4K video camera and works seamlessly with Microsoft Teams Rooms’ front row layout. Lenovo’s ThinkSmart Core Kit includes the ThinkSmart Core and the ThinkSmart Controller, a 10.1inch, 10-point touch HD display. The experience is further enhanced on Microsoft Teams by Dynamic Composition, intelligent camera layout technology Jabra co-developed with Microsoft.


Easy plug-and-play collaboration.

Jabra PanaCast and Speak 750 MS offer plug-and-play connectivity for productive meetings anywhere.

Jabra PanaCast Bundles

Portable Professionalism

The new Jabra Meet Anywhere and Meet Anywhere+ bundles combine cutting-edge video and world-leading audio in a lightweight and portable case to make a hybrid-working future a reality today. Open the case and start any meeting, anywhere with Jabra PanaCast, Speak 750, and a Table Stand now available together in a compact Travel Case. Meetings have never been so easy.


Hybrid Ways of Working Global Report 2023

Jabra recently published its 2023 Global Report on Hybrid Ways of Working. In this third annual edition, the report delves into the current landscape of meetings within the context of hybrid work and identifies the primary obstacles and opportunities for both employees and organisations. The study encompassed 1,845 individuals across six critical global markets. It reveals that the advent of hybrid work has introduced fresh hurdles in terms of inclusivity and the utilisation of meeting room technology.

Jabra Report Cover

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