It might be four years since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, but it has had a profound and lasting impact on the way we work. Many organisations have changed or plan to reevaluate their real estate footprint and hybrid working has become the acceptable alternative to the 9-5 office-based working day, with UK employees now spending around 1.5 days per week working remotely. 

As we move into an increasingly flexible working world, businesses are looking to reassess their real estate assets to determine how to make the most of their physical spaces to improve productivity, enhance collaboration and attract and retain the best talent. Many organisations will have already begun to redesign their workplaces to accommodate this shift to hybrid work, but for those that are yet to start, or keen to take this opportunity to innovate, AVI-SPL is here to help. 

Changing spaces 

Strategically located workplaces that are built for purpose and integral to an organisation’s core strategies are more important now than ever. Not only can they enable competitive advantage through increased productivity, but with the right input, they can deliver harmonious spaces that foster teamwork, spark creativity and motivate workers to return to the office.

If your organisation isn’t making good use of your office space, or you are relocating and want to encourage remote workers to return to the workplace, the solution could be as simple as changing what you use your space for. Moving away from rigid offices to flexible conferencing spaces can create the ideal environment for effective collaborative working. 

Flexible meeting spaces accommodate everything from the traditional meeting room set up to classroom layouts and dynamic formats that allow the space to be rearranged to meet users’ needs. This can include divisible spaces, designed to enable full customisation of the AV experience based on how users need to utilise the room for each interaction. 

This fluid approach enables you to have the right people in the right places working on the right things at the right time, so you don’t miss out on the opportunity to have more impact, be more productive and attract the very best talent, by working together effectively. 

Creating engaging environments 

Covid hasn’t just changed the way we work; it has also altered the mentality of the workforce. Organisations must now work harder than ever to create workplaces that are inviting and provide all the amenities and equipment to make working from the office more enjoyable and worthwhile. Reshaping the space may be the first step in creating the right environment, but it isn’t enough to make the office somewhere people want to be, rather than having to be. As employees rethink their ‘worth it’ equation
, businesses need to meet the expectations of those who have become used to hybrid working and prefer the flexibility it delivers, when considering how to refocus their physical space. 

The modern meeting space must encourage idea sharing, problem solving and interactive learning. By creating inclusive, inviting spaces, equipped with everything teams need to interact, and providing the right training to enable them to get the most from this interaction, organisations can naturally foster teamwork and nurture innovation. 

Your teams may not be required to come into work, but you’ll probably find that they do when they have the right environment, equipment and support at their fingertips, particularly if they can work seamlessly from the office or home and be included with the same level of efficiency and participation, whether joining meetings in person or as a remote contributor. 

How AVI-SPL can help 

At AVI-SPL we aren’t just advising others to invest in reshaping their workplace, we have also made our own considerable investments to enable us to support organisations wanting to undergo this transformation. We have built a team of highly qualified audiovisual and unified communications professionals who are experienced in the complexities of large workplace projects and can deliver solutions that meet ever-evolving modern business goals. 

Major Projects team has been born from the need to diversify and reevaluate the way organisations work and deliver solutions that are expertise-driven, user friendly and security focused. We understand the challenges that modern enterprises face and will listen and work with you to design, build and monitor collaboration technology solutions that enable you to attract and retain talent, improve efficiency and boost productivity.  

As a leader in digital workplace services, we can manage the most intricate AV and UC infrastructure designs, cloud migration plans, and deployments of secure voice, data, video and collaboration platforms. We can also support you to implement adoption programmes to ensure your users feel comfortable, prepared and enthusiastic about using new technology to collaborate with one another. 

To find out more about how we can revolutionise the way your organisation interacts, or to read about the large-scale projects we have coordinated please visit our Major Projects page or contact us to start a conversation about your requirements.