Gain actionable business intelligence from digital workplace analytics

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Your digital workplace offers rich data about how your teams use technology and space. When you collect aggregate data from monitoring meeting rooms, UCC applications, and technology devices, you’ll reveal actionable intelligence about user experience and your IT investments.

Key metrics to track include meeting room utilization, technology adoption, impact of network performance on meeting experience (video jitter, content delays), help desk ticket rates.

Digital workplace KPIs

Aggregate and analyse your data for actionable business intelligence about these key measures:

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Meeting space


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User and employee

experience (UX/EX)

“Two keys to successful digital workplace programs are IT alignment with business goals and positive user experience.”

“How to Create a Scorecard to Track Your Digital Workplace Value”

AVI-SPL Tech Brief

Measurements that provide intelligent insights


Analytics that demonstrate IT alignment:

  • Technology cost per employee
  • Workspace utilization rate
  • Technology utilization rate
  • IT service effectiveness

Analytics that provide employee experience insights:

  • Home vs. work tech experience gap
  • Employee effort
  • Productivity gain
  • IT Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Guides from digital workplace leaders

AVI-SPL’s Customer Advisory Board (CAB) offers ideas and roadmaps to monitor and track analytics. We’re sharing these insights with you in our latest guides

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How AVI-SPL Symphony monitors and improves the user experience

AVI-SPL Symphony offers a single pane view to monitor and manage your entire meeting solution ecosystem, from applications to supporting devices. Symphony is our cloud-based user experience management application. Integrations include Cisco Webex, Poly, Zoom, and the devices that support meetings like displays, microphones, and control interfaces.

With Symphony you’ll see dynamic, real-time, analytics about system performance, usage trends, and user experience data. Your IT and support teams can access customized analytics dashboards to display your organisation KPIs, and use Build Your Own Report options to review additional data. Using this information, you can chart technology trends over time, then leverage these insights to drive user experience and adoption.