Training and adoption services

Maximise the value of the technology solutions you deploy by actively increasing user engagement and collaboration. AVI-SPL Training and Adoption Services team provide the detailed understanding and knowledge your workforce needs to become empowered with technology for improved teamwork and productivity.

Our global delivery model ensures a consistent and standardised approach to learning and adoption in any location.

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Train the way your workforce learns

Regardless of past experience, new technology presents challenges and opportunities for everyone. We focus on the full spectrum of adult learning principles, ensuring that each user can gain knowledge, ability, and confidence with digital workplace solutions.

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Training Success Story

“The TAS team has done a great job for Georgia Pacific. Sean has provided great training sessions for move in weeks on the new Blue Sky technology. He also developed the SmartDock and Surface Hub training videos that we are leveraging for those who have not been able to make a live training session and bridge the gap for the new AV systems. These videos have been a huge help in closing that gap for those who are travelling or new hires. We are also using custom flip books for those who like to see hard copy on the new floors.” 

Manager AV & Conference
Center Services

Georgia Pacific, LLC

A key part of the strategy to unlock business value

Simply deploying the technology is not enough to unlock business value. User training is a crucial component of your strategy to increase user comfort levels with the applications and tools you provide in order to increase engagement and productivity.

Investing in a training and adoption program will:

  • Increase workforce productivity & efficiency
  • Boost collaboration for on-site and remote teams alike
  • Improve morale and employee experience
  • Reduce help desk support enquiries
  • Support recruiting with an innovative work environment and positive interview experience
  • Improve ROI on technology solutions
  • Gain a competitive advantage when your team works smarter

Options that suit your organisation and business goals

One size doesn’t fit all, whether it’s a t-shirt or a training program. Organisational culture, office layout, and user preference all impact your adoption strategy. AVI-SPL Training and Adoption services provide a full range of product options to cover your needs.

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On demand

Written and video trainings to get users up and running quickly

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Virtual trainings with a live instructor provide a variety of reinforcement methods for effective learning

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On site

In-person, hands-on training for highly-effective users

Consult with experts to design a complete strategy

Effective training and adoption is not a one-time engagement. It’s part of a larger change management process that requires frequent and consistent outreach.

Consider ongoing needs including training new employees, refresher training for existing users, and communicating important technology updates. These are all reasons why it is important to ensure your training content is a consistent, useful source of information for your workforce.

We utilise continued user experience engagement tools including user surveys, adoption assessments, and focus groups to inform our larger strategy. AVI-SPL’s team of instructional designers and learning experts will work with you to design a strategy that works for your team.

We’ll consider your corporate technology standards, planned refresh schedule, and other local needs to define a complete adoption strategy.

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